Abscesses are pockets of infection that contain pus. A membrane that is similar to a thick-walled balloon filled with fluid surrounds these areas. Abscesses may be small or large. They typically feel hot, look red and swollen, and cause considerable pain.Abscesses often result from puncture wounds, scratches or bites where the skin surface heals too quickly, trapping bacteria below the skin. The trapped bacteria proliferate, and are attacked by the immune system’s white blood cells producing an abscess.

Important points of Treatment

  1. Abscesses may require both surgical and medical treatment, depending on size, location, stage of development, and effect on the animal.
  2. Apply ointments as directed. Medication must be given as directed until gone. If your pet will allow it, apply warm water compresses to the area for 10 minutes, 2 times daily.
  3. Site of infection: If the abscess drains, clean thoroughly with warm water and hydrogen peroxide.
    Be careful that family members do not come in direct contact with the pus. Wash well if contact occurs.