In-House Laboratory

Unfortunately, our pets cannot talk to us and let us know what is wrong when they aren’t feeling well. Diagnostic screening is extremely important when trying to find an appropriate treatment plan for your pet’s specific needs. Our in-house laboratory allows us the opportunity to run comprehensive blood profiles, which screen liver and kidney values, blood cell counts, and much more. We screen urine and fecal specimens on a daily basis if your pet is showing symptoms of problems such as diabetes, urinary tract infections or intestinal parasites. Typically, we can have results and a treatment plan in action within the day of your pet’s visit. We also work with multiple outside laboratories who offer a wide range of tests for more extensive diagnostics.

Digital Radiology (X-Rays)

We are proud to announce that we have the ability to take digital x-rays! X-rays can play a crucial part in making an accurate diagnosis in your pet. They give us the ability to evaluate certain areas of your pet’s body, such as the heart, lungs, musculo-skeletal system, reproductive system, and GI tract. It also gives us a more defined look at the area of the body that we are concerned about, as we can enlarge or invert the image without losing clarity. Digital x-rays give us a clear, better quality picture compared to films obtained through a regular processor. Regular processors tend to take much more time to process films, do not produce as sharp of an image, and use harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment.

With digital x-ray, we have cassettes that we use to take the image. The cassette is then slid into our processor, and shows up on our computer screen within seconds. This gives us the ability to have x-rays done quickly and efficiently. It also gives us the ability to e-mail board-certified radiologists in the event that a consultation or second opinion is needed. Faster results mean faster diagnosis, which helps reduce stress for you and your pet.

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