Pets that scratch excessively may be allergic to something. Some are affected at certain times of the year, while others scratch only occasionally, some continually. Pets can be allergic to flea bites, pollens, molds, grasses, trees, shampoos, wool, tobacco smoke, and some foods. Regardless of the offending agent (allergen) the symptoms include scratching and chewing the skin, which can result in skin damage and inflammation that renders your pet susceptible to bacterial infection.Important points of treatment:

  1. The very best treatment is to determine the cause of the allergy and avoid it. As this is not always possible, various control measures are taken to relieve the itching and allow for a comfortable life.
  2. Re-treatment is often necessary and should be offered at the first reappearance of scratching.
  3. Some pets require continual treatment
  4. Regular bathing and grooming may be necessary.
    Give all medications as directed