WEIGHT CONTROL – To treat arthritis the first concern is weight loss, if indicated, to reduce the stress on the joints. Controlling, or reducing weight is so important in alleviating the discomfort of arthritis, simply by reducing stress on the joints.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES – The first step in providing relief from arthritic pain is to administer anti-inflammatories. Salicylic acid (Buffered Aspirin) Daily- Bufferin or Bayer, (never Ibuprofen or Tylenol.)

GLUCOSAMINE – When aspirin no longer provides sufficient relief, the next step is to use a glucosamine, a chondroiton sulfate – or “Flex” powder daily – 1/4 tsp per 80 # daily over food in addition to the aspirin. An injectable form of glucosamine(Adequan) is available for immediate relief.

ETODOLAC – When additional help is needed, the new drug Etodolac offers remarkable relief from pain, and can be used along with the Flex powder in place of (not along with) the aspirin. A blood chemistry profile is recommended before starting Etodolac. The results of Etodolac are usually remarkable.