Constipation is the difficult passage of dry, hard stools. Colonic impaction is a more severe, chronic form of constipation. Both conditions are managed by fluid therapy, high-fiber dietary products, laxatives, and enemas when necessary.

Constipation and colonic impaction are conditions that can be caused by many factors and diseases. Insufficient dietary fiber and water deprivation can cause constipation. Hair, bones, sand, and foreign materials that are ingested may be a cause, as well as a change in the pet’s normal routine, such as hospitalization, lack of exercise, or a dirty litter box.

Other common causes of constipation and colonic impaction include aging; anal, rectal, or pelvic pain; tumors of the colon and surrounding structures; prostate gland disorders; matting of hair around the anus; certain drugs; metabolic and endocrine disease; and disorders of the nerves and muscles of the colon.