Otitis (ear infection) is symptomized by head shaking, scratching at, or odor from the ears. The ears should be cleaned 1-2 times daily for a week to 10 days and the otic ointment or drop applied twice daily for 10 days.

Otitis is caused by either yeast and/or bacteria. Pets with heavy, long or hairy ears are more prone to infection. Also, dogs which swim frequently, have weak immune systems, allergies, or excessive hair in the ear canals are susceptible. Treatment involves using ear drops, regular ear flushes, removal of excessive hair, and possibly systemic (oral) antibiotics. In chronic long-term cases, we recommend that a culture be performed to determine if a highly resistant bacteria is present thus requiring “stronger” antibiotics.

Chronic cases may require life long maintenance antibiotics and Staph Lysate injections to keep the infection under control through preventative maintenance.