ENTERITIS (PARVO VIRUS) (see Parvoviral Enteritis)

Parvo virus is a very serious often deadly disease of pups and young dogs. This virus affects the lining of the intestinal tract causing lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, anorexia and dehydration. Parvo is potentially fatal and must be treated aggressively to save the pet. Treatment includes hospitalization, I.V. fluids, antibiotics, vitamins, electrolytes, glucose, and other medications. Approximately 80-90% of animals can be cured if treated early in the course of the disease. Parvo virus is extremely contagious to young dogs, especially unvaccinated puppies. Clean the contaminated areas of your home and yard with a diluted solution of clorox (30:1 dilution). Please inform friends or neighbors with puppies monitor their pets for symptoms and to keep vaccines up-to-date.