Hairballs are extremely common digestive disorders in cats, expecially long haired cats. Symptoms range from anorexia, gorging, vomiting and diarrhea. Vomitus can be just food, digested or undigested, or may have hair in it. As cats continually groom themselves (especially in spring and fall as they are changing their wardrobe) they ingest huge quantities of their own hair. The hair can wad into a ball too large to pass through the pyloric valve (passage from stomach into intestines). Instead it rolls around sometimes blocking digestion, causing nausia and sometimes vomiting. Treatment is simple and inexpensive.

Elimination treatment involves administering 1 tbs Laxatone 3 X daily for 3 days to “gunk” up the hairball in the petroleum based substance and pass it down the intestinal tubes in the form of feces.

Preventative maintenance is recommended throughout spring and fall, involving a mouthful of Laxatone 2 X weekly for months at a time. Laxatone is available in tuna a chicken flavor and most cats find it delectable. No cat should suffer unnecessarily from the nauseous discomfort of a hairball and Before expensive diagnostic or surgical remedies are attempted on vomiting cats, hairball should be considered and treated.