Staph dermatitis is caused by staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria is ubiquitous (everywhere) in our environment and is the common cause of human Hospital “nosocomial” Staph infections. Some pets, especially purebreds, have a genetic immuno-incompetence, (lacking adequate immune system) to fight off the bacteria allowing occasional skin infections. Most pets benefit from Staph Lysate injections.

The “Staph Lysate” vaccine is comprised of chopped up Staph bacteria which when injected weekly for 4-6 weeks helps to boost the immune system to fight off the bacteria. Some pets require lifelong monthly maintenance staph injections to remain free of staph skin infection. Alternatively, certain low dose, low frequency antibiotics can keep the skin healthy and free of infection.

Staph dermatitis is symptomized by yellow circular flakes and scabs call “staph collarettes”. Every other week soaks in a Tar/ Sulfur shampoo also helps, along with skin and coat vitamins such as Pet Tabs Fatty Acids (FA).