Not too much. Research shows that 60% of our pets are overweight in the USA and a full 50% of those owners are in denial. You should be able to visualize your pet’s last two ribs. A recognizable brand name dry food is best. Avoid canned food, table scraps and excessive treats. Avoid greasy snacks. Dry food only is best with baby carrots or cheerios as treats. Your pet’s diet should be changed as its nutritional needs change. Growth formula (puppy or kitten food) should be discontinued at 6-8 months of age (not 2 years as the bag recommends after the pet has developed a weight problem). Regular exercise is necessary. Human food is too high in fat and salt, and destroys a pet’s natural satiation reflex. Do not feed your dog cat food or vice versa. Cats need taurine (absent in dog food) and taurine is harmful to dogs (always present in cat food).